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The Experience is open in 23 locations across Australia. Each visit to the Experience is expected to last around 2 hours, including admission, briefing and viewing the galleries.

An immersive Virtual Reality experience

Download the Spirit of Anzac Centenary Experience 360° Explorer application to take an interactive virtual tour of the exhibition.

For an even more immersive experience click here to find out more about the use of Google Cardboard and other virtual reality devices to enhance your experience.

Arrival Information


Event staff will be present on-site and will direct general traffic. Car parks and taxi drop offs will be clearly sign posted.

Group/school bus

Bus drop off and parking will be clearly signposted and will be advised in advance where possible. Group buses are asked to drop off passengers and wait in the designated bus park area. Drivers are asked to remain with their vehicles.

For venue specific information please select your location on the above map.

Checking In


Please ensure you have printed your ticket or have a digital copy on your phone ready to be scanned on entry to the Experience.


Please ensure you have printed your ticket or have a digital copy on your phone ready to be scanned on entry to the Experience. Upon arrival at the venue, the group leader will need to check in at the Group Bookings desk. At this point you will be asked how many people you have in your group to ensure the numbers match our records.

If you or a member of your group requires disabled access or any extra help at the Experience, you should notify check-in staff at the Group Bookings desk upon arrival at the venue.

Group Supervision Requirements

For groups of children under 12 years of age we recommend one teacher/supervisor for every five children. For groups of students 12 - 18 years we recommend one teacher supervisor for every 10 students.

General Instructions

  • No food or drink is permitted within the Experience
  • No oversized bags will be permitted within the Experience
  • No school bags will be permitted within the Experience
  • No school activities or worksheets are to be completed inside the Experience or at the venue as there is no room for your class to sit down and do this. Please keep these activities for the bus ride or the classroom
  • You are welcome to take photos inside the Experience. However, please remember to respect other visitors and limit the use of flash photography

Cloakroom Facilities

We take care of your personal possessions in the cloakroom however if you are concerned for any items security we recommend you take a small bag with these items into the Experience.

Oversized items will not be permitted within the Experience. Bags permitted into the venue must meet the following conditions:

  • Maximum bag height – 30 cm
  • Maximum bag width – 40 cm
  • Maximum bag depth – 30 cm

Bags that do not meet these requirements must be cloaked to ensure the comfort of all patrons.

While most prams are permitted inside the Experience, please be advised that size restrictions may apply.

Food And Drinks

A limited range of light refreshments and snacks will be available from the venue. The offering may not cater for specific dietary requirements.


There are accessible restrooms available on-site. Please note that these will be open to visitors.

Audio Guide

The audio guide plays a major role in the Spirit of Anzac Centenary Experience. All visitors will receive an iPod Touch and headphones upon arrival for use during the Experience.

The audio guide features a simple on-screen tutorial on how to use the device that you should review before you enter the Experience.

As you move through the Experience, the audio guide will automatically provide a narration of the history on display, as well as sound effects and music to enhance the visitor journey in each gallery. (Note: The narration can be turned off at any time if preferred.)


The Experience has been designed to cater to visitors of varying abilities. There are no stairs and only mild inclines within the Experience although other parts of the venue have stairs or accessible ramps. Prior to visiting, please contact us at should you have any specific concerns.

The Spirit of Anzac Centenary Experience is designed to be wheelchair accessible. If a group member requires disabled access or any extra help at the Experience please include details when making your booking and have the group leader notify check-in staff at the Group Bookings desk when you arrive at the Experience.

Hearing Impaired

The audio guide can be connected directly to hearing aids that support a 3.5mm audio jack interface.

Safety Guide

If you have any concerns about this experience, please consult the safety guide on this site, which details the areas that may cause alarm due to noise, imagery, lighting and confined spaces.

General Warnings And Advice

Visitors are advised that the Experience contains content that children may find confusing or upsetting. The guidance of parents and guardians is recommended.

Prior to visiting, please be aware that the Spirit of Anzac Centenary Experience contains elements that some people may find disorienting or disturbing. These include:

  • Loud and sudden noises
  • Flashing lights
  • Confined spaces
  • Dark spaces with minimal lighting
  • Slight inclines
  • Large moving images
  • Graphic photographs of injury and death
  • Depictions of shell-shock
  • Weapons, including guns and knives

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander visitors are advised that the Spirit of Anzac Centenary Experience contains images and voices of deceased persons.

The Experience is open to the general public and, while volunteers and security personnel will be present on-site, children must be supervised at all times.

What To Expect

Unlike any other touring exhibition, the Spirit of Anzac Centenary Experience features genuine artefacts and historical stories placed within a fully immersive space.

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School & Group Bookings

The Spirit of Anzac Centenary Experience provides students with an invaluable learning opportunity, with direct links to the Australian curriculum.

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